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When we talk about coaching clients, we always talk about the buy-in it takes to get people to trust you and listen to your coaching. We as coaches constantly talk about how to increase the buy-in from our clients through different strategies, concepts, and techniques.


Today, I want to talk about a client that has shown me that coaching is both equal parts art and science. Even further it pays to be your authentic self, where organic interest and commonalities lead to trust, collaboration, and the buy-in we as coaches desire.


Brian has been coming to Core Principles for some time now. The first time I met him, I introduced myself and we talked about where we both we’re from. I’ll be honest, I was quite impressed by the fact that he knew where Dover Plains, NY was. Most of the time I get people saying, “Oh, is that up by Plattsburgh or Syracuse? Or I get, “Oh, what’s Delaware like?”

What soon followed was a series of conversations where I began to recognize Brian as a serious character. A guy that loved to joke, discuss the things that made a person smile, and the woes of traveling an hour to and from work. I found a great many commonalities with this guy. I learned that he worked for a union before getting a position with a Big Name company, that he deeply loves his adult kids, and that when Rachel, a former coach at C.P., would let him “Cheat” on the challenges that were rolled out for that month(huge smile and laugh comes out after saying that).
For as much Brian shared about himself, I tried to do the same. What I began to realize was that when you begin a career in coaching, you tend to look at people as a path to a something more and narrowly focus on the thing you find cool. What Brian started to show me was that you have more in common with your clients than you think, and that the real reason people coach is to help them(clients) achieve what they want and find cool. Once, you have spent enough time, experience, and talked about endless things, trust is inevitably built, and coaching really begins. Collaboration, conversation, and the betterment of individuals ensues.
After some time now, I find myself bouncing between two conversations with Brian. A lighthearted one and a coaching one. Both genuine and heartfelt and in pursuit of new perspective and change. Brian is an amazing client because he has allowed me into his world and considers my genuine concern for his well-being when we do something that is either challenging, pain induced, or different from his thoughts.
Brian, I want to say thank you for exposing me to what it means to be a coach and employ the art and science of this profession.

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