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The gym is typically some stark unfriendly place filled with people who seemingly have it all figured out. There’s usually some loud muscle dudes throwing weights around, intimidating most others and often filled with 20 and 30 somethings sweating on everything.  The music is usually terrible and loud enough to rattle your brain. We’re a private studio, everyone is 50+. We do everything we can to make it warm, inviting, comfortable and not feel like a gym. We never have more than 6 people in the studio at a time.

Perfect, you’ll fit right in here. This is where you belong. Most of our people don’t like gym, never have and aren’t looking to become muscleheads, they want to keep their quality of life high and feel good about themselves. You don’t have to like exercise, most of our members don’t. They want to feel good about themselves, enjoy their favorite activities for years to come and not feel like age is getting the best of them.

Given that we work only with people 50+, they have lots of wisdom and also a bunch of aches and pains. We work with regular people like you who have had hips, knees and shoulders replaced, years of back pain and a battery of aches and pains. 

Here’s our schedule with over 30 options weekly. We’re flexible, you don’t have to commit to  the same days and times each week. You can mix and match each week to whatever best fits your schedule. 

Heck ya! We do everything by appointment so give us a ring, we’ll set up a time for you to visit and roll out the red carpet for your arrival. 

Two weeks ago, the second best time is now!

Does anyone not like chocolate cake? This is why everyone starts with a trial, our 21 day give you a genuine opportunity to take us for a test drive and truly see what we’re all about. After 21 days you will darn well know if this is the place for you and if we fulfill all of the bold commitments we make. We want you to love it, we will work our butts off to make sure you have a great experience each and every time that you are in the studio and use every bof of skills we have as coaches to make sure you continually move cower to your goals.  We want you to love it, but there is ZERO obligation to continue.

We love to discriminate against young people. We worked hard to create an environment where people will be around others similar to them. Not just in terms of age, but where they are in life and what’s important to them. What’s important in your 20s and 30s is wildly different from your 50’s and 60’s. Your gym experience should reflect that!

Totally and it’s okay if you have never exercised. It’s even okay if you don’t like exercise. This is the place for you. We’re going to meet you right where you’re at and design a personalized program that reflects your goals and the life that you want to live. It’s not about us, it’s about you. We’ll be your trusted guide.

Yes!  Many people expect to just find motivation, like it’s hiding under a tee shirt in the corner of the room. That’s not exactly how it works. Taking action is the ingredient for creating motivation but taking action is hard without certainty. Certainty that what you’ll try will work, that you’ll enjoy it and that it will make you feel good. Getting started with a trial makes it easy and free of any risk. Once you get started you’ll see how we tailor the experience to you so you get the right amount of challenge while feeling accomplished from executing that challenge. That’s where motivation comes from!

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