She Believed She Could So She Did

Have you ever been unsure of starting something new, but then took a leap and realized that it wasn’t as hard and uncomfortable as you thought?!


I think many of us can relate. I want to tell you a story about a client who despite her uncertainty about starting a health program went for it and is now a rockstar in the Core Principles Group Training classes.


Her name is Tracy and when I first met her, she seemed a bit unsure about her capabilities to perform some of the exercises in her program. I remember coaching group class one day and showing the ladies how to do a Romanian Deadlift. I looked at Tracy and her facial expression read “WTF?” LOL. It was clear to me that she was unfamiliar with the movement and questioning her ability to do it. But then we worked through it and by the second set Tracy was in the groove and hinging from the hip like Shakira!


Over the course of the program I got to know Tracy and I have to say she is a hilarious, caring individual and a team player. She always has the funniest stories to tell and has quickly bonded with the other ladies in class. What I really admire about Tracy is that she is very consistent, and puts in whole-hearted effort into her workouts even if it’s something new she hasn’t previously tried. That takes a lot of courage! She is also working on her nutrition and becoming more fit and strong as the weeks go by!


Many women exercisers who have been out of touch with the fitness realm may feel intimidated by starting a workout program at first. But I can truly say that the culture here at Core Principles, our wonderful members and coaches will always have your back, so that you never feel like you’re alone in your health journey.


  (Tracy and her new pals smiling after a great workout!)
Coming back to Tracy, her skill level has improved immensely and she is now rocking her workouts like the champ that she was born to be! It’s funny because still, from time to time, when Tracy encounters a new exercise the look of uncertainty on her face comes back. But then she goes for it and does such a great job! This clearly shows that when you put your mind to something, trust others to guide you, and work hard, the possibilities are endless.
Tracy is a true example of that and an inspiration to us and many others.
We are honored to have Tracy as part of our community and we love the energy she brings each time she walks through our door. Moreover, Tracy has reported that she is feeling stronger and more energetic since she began coming to Core Principles. We are committed to working with her and we’re super proud of all that she’s accomplished thus far! Way to go Tracy. Keep up the good work!
-Coach Jojo

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