5 Hacks to Eat Healthy When Going Out

When cooking at home is not an option and you’re traveling on business, celebrating a birthday or just wanting to go out and have fun, eating at restaurants can have an impact on your dietary habits and pack on tons of calories if you let yourself overindulge.


And it’s sooo easy to go overboard when eating out because the portions are big, there are tons of unhealthy options and you may be tempted to just say “screw it!” and eat without restraint. If that’s happened to you, it’s okay! We’ve all done it. However, if you do eat out often you may want to consider practicing a few habits that will help you stay on track with your diet while still allowing you to enjoy yourself without over-restricting.


Check out these healthy eating hacks and be sure to practice them the next time you head out to your favorite food spot:


Share a Meal– If you go out to a restaurant and still want to enjoy your favorite food, be it a pasta Bolognese or cheeseburger with mayo, you can choose to share the plate with your eating companion (spouse, friend etc). It will ensure you only eat half of what’s on your plate and can be a good way to control your portion, as it will still give you an opportunity to eat what you want and like, only in moderation.


Be Mindful– being a mindful eater takes practice but is a wonderful tool you can master by being selective of what you order and slowing down your consumption time to really taste the food you’re having. Next time you’re at a restaurant be sure to read the full-menu, think about what is a good choice that aligns with your dietary goals (maybe swapping salad for the fries), and take the time to really savor the flavors and aromas of your meal instead of scarfing it down. Slowing down and being mindful will help you prevent overeating and can make every meal a fun experience involving all of your senses.
Drink Water– having water before, in between and after your meals will ensure that your body is well hydrated and prevent eating more as a result of not getting enough liquids. Water is also an excellent choice when eating out because it doesn’t contain any additional sweeteners and sugar like soda or juice, making it a healthy, low-calorie option.
Snack Before Dinner– eating a healthy, nutritious snack before venturing out to a restaurant can be a wise choice, so that you’re not going on an empty stomach and start picking on bread and indulging in other temptations before actually starting your meal. Snacking on carrots and hummus prior to a dinner outing is a much better than rolls with butter, so keep those healthy snacks handy and be sure to have one before your next trip out.
Skip the Dessert– though it’s not always possible and you may not want to pass on the cake while dining out, restaurants don’t usually offer healthy dessert options and more than likely use refined foods as ingredients, which is something you want to stay away from when following a healthy eating plan. Instead of ordering a hot fudge brownie with ice-cream, try delaying the gratification, go home and make your own fun little healthy desert such as a small yogurt parfait, apple with peanut butter or a baked banana with walnuts and honey drizzle. Remember that fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth and once you get in a habit of eating whole, real foods you won’t even crave those mint chocolate chip ice cream that you once thought you couldn’t live without. Try it out and let us know how you did!
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– Coach Jojo

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