Quick & Satisfying No-Prep Lunch Ideas | Nutrition Q&A

Several weeks ago I asked you to send questions you have about nutrition, eating skills or body image and I got a bunch of great questions! Thank you!!!


In this week’s video, we are covering a question that comes up a lot: What can I eat for lunch that: requires little to no prep, will keep me satisfied, and is not highly processed?


Do you struggle with that midday break to eat lunch like me??


Many of my clients have come to me really at a loss for lunch specifically, because they haven’t made a plan, and they either grab handfuls of random things together, go through a drive thru, or skip it all together!


Does that sound like you?


Well, check out this week’s video to see my recommendations for how to make sure those lunches don’t thwart your progress to reaching your health goals.


As always, we will start where you are!

If you struggle with lunches, check out THIS video and try some of the ideas out! What would you add?

And if you have any questions, please reach out! I would be happy to help.

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