How To Rock At Fat Loss (Even When You Can’t Workout)

Have you ever had a time in your life when you just can’t get to the gym, because you are injured or sick, or you are taking care of a loved one and life is nuts?


It is SO frustrating and the fear of losing all of your progress (Or gaining weight) comes creeping in.


You are definitely not alone, and I have GOOD NEWS for you!


You can still lose fat, and maintain your progress even when you can’t workout. That’s what this week’s video is all about.


I have worked with lots of clients who are recovering from knee surgery, or they’ve been injured and have to take a break from the gym, and others who are in a season of life where they are unable to prioritize the gym like they used to, but they don’t want to throw in the towel for their health.


That’s where your nutrition and healthy habits come in! And, to be perfectly honest, most fat loss that people seek comes from changes in your eating, not just adding more movement.


Check out this week’s video if you want to know my favorite things to make progress towards my goals, even when I can’t workout.


Sometimes life hits and the gym takes a back burner. Don’t let that stall your progress! You can still work on the things I talk about in


video, even when you can’t workout!

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