You Don’t Have To Be Perfect!

Are you a “perfectionist”?


When you strive for perfection, you have good intentions. You want to take care of your health, feel your best, and live a long and happy life with loved ones.


One way that perfectionism can show up in our health is through a fancy term known as cognitive distortion also known as all-or-nothing thinking.


Striving for excellence can be a really wonderful thing! It means it is important to you to look after yourself! However, all or nothing thinking can also lead to disappointment, burnout, and self-criticism when we inevitably miss a day, or go “off plan”.


When our focus is on getting a “perfect” outcome, we lose satisfaction and enjoyment along the way and lose sight of other measures of progress.


Want to know one of the greatest predictors of long term success with any behavior change?



Flexibility allows you to come as you are on your best day AND on your worst day. It fosters self-compassion, and helps you to keep moving forward.


Check out this video below to find out more!


 you want to know how I help my clients overcome the paralyzing effects of an all-or-nothing mindset, check out my latest video


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