A Goal Without A Path Is Just A Wish

We often talk about how to set a goal and reach it. We talk about the different steps to get there and outline a few strategies to help.


Today I want to share with you a strategy I am using to work with a client to reach his goal of a chin.


Meet Brian.


Brian joined Core Principles back in the fall when we were running one of our men’s programs. Brian came in with the goals of losing a little weight, feeling light on his feet, and more energetic. All things that are great to work towards but he did not have one specific action goal that he was working towards.


Brian has kicked ass since day 1, he would show up consistently work hard physically but we could also tell he was mentally invested. He cared about what he was doing, wanted to make sure he got the most out of things and wanted to truly understand why we were doing things.


After a few months, Brian came to me and told me he has come up with a new goal.
He said he wanted to do a chin up and wanted to talk about what he needed to do to make it happen.
Brian and I set up a time to sit down and chat and get some clarity around what needed to be done.
The first thing we talked about was setting a time frame around his goal and when he wanted to achieve it by. We decided that the end of the year was a good place to start, he felt that it provided him with a good challenge but he thought was achievable at the same time.
After that we talked about the big rocks that we needed to work on in order for him to reach his goal, the three of them were to increase upper body strength, increase core strength and lose some weight.
Brian felt that he had the weight loss part down on his own and he wanted to focus more on the strength part with me.
To dial in what exercises need to happen to reach a chin up, we used our Setting A Goal Flow Chart.
We talked about the different progressions of exercises we need to work on and set a goal for when each one would be implemented in his program.
Brian is crushing it and has worked through all of his Hollow Body Hold Progression on the ground and is now hanging from the bar getting closer and closer to his goal.
So what are the main takeaways from this story?
I am super pumped for Brian to reach his goal and can’t wait to write a blog a few months from now telling you he did it!
Help me in rooting for Brian to continue to get closer and closer to his goal.
-Coach Pat

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