A Great Attitude Makes Training Better

Clients give coaches the best job ever. We honestly get the opportunity to witness people grow, change, and come to realizations of how they can get better. As a strength and conditioning coach I get the fortune of watching people undertake obstacles they thought were tough or impossible. Through strategy and practice, people develop a sense of the requirements and get a chance to test the limits of the capabilities.


Today’s client is no different and has made some serious strides in her health and fitness.


Grace came to Core Principles during the summer and started out in our group program. During her time, she learned a lot of different movements and structure of how to make the most out of her workouts. But, Grace wanted more and she was willing to see what the CP team had to offer in a semi-private environment.


When you coach a client, there is some hesitation when we talk about challenging/pushing yourself. During the last year I have watched many different behaviors and idiosyncrasy’s arise as a result when the question of going a little heavier or trying a more advanced variation comes up. Grace has a great way of telling me NO. She stands for a second, pulls her head to the side, lets out a BIG LAUGH followed by an even bigger smile. It’s great.


Grace, please keep being awesome!!!


If you have any questions about how to have the  same experience, please feel free to email us @ or hit us up on Facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.

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