A New Found Passion!!!!

It’s really cool to be a strength and conditioning coach for so many reasons. One of the main one’s being, meeting new people. Recently, we had a new member join our little humble abode and he has been a real pleasure to train. His name is Nat .


Nat walked into Core Principles around late February. When he walked in Pat, Haylin and myself were all standing there and greeted him. Asking him what we could do for him, the first words out of his mouth were, “Where do I sign up”? A huge smile came over our faces and followed a great back and forth exchange with loads of banter and awesome laughs.


Nat has really committed himself to the tenets of Core Principles. The first training session he came in for he asked questions about the purpose of certain exercises and reasonings behind why we do what we do. As a coach it’s my job to make sure you understand why you are doing what you are doing and these questions really helped me narrow down what it was Nat was thinking so he could really get the most out of everything.


More impressively, Nat nailed certain movements and exercises on the first day. I think I even told him that his ball slams looked money. A lot of the times we as strength coaches take for granted the fact that we have worked through things for a long time. We understand the benefits and practices of power, and look for the minute details of how to improve these things in every way. We often forget that we once were not able to do or attain something right off the bat; even further we tend to put all that pent up knowledge into that teaching/training moment and forget that it will get better.


Between Nat’s ball slams and super humbleness, he has progressed and really began to formulate an understanding of how to approach workouts. I see Nat come down to the gym on his off days and do his workouts based on the principles and concepts that we have laid out at Core Principles. That’s awesome. It’s awesome for two reasons. One Nat has taken to prioritizing his health and fitness and two he feels that our training, guidance and knowledge is practical and approachable outside of the coaching setting.


It brings us great joy when a person feels that they can employ practices outside the coaching environment. Coaching is a collaborative relationship of give and take. We give information and the clients take that and build it into their bodies. From the moments we spend with them, they give us insight on how to communicate simple and clear ideas to all, while still individualizing certain coaching strategies.


We just want to say that Nat is an awesome client, who has taught us just as much as we hope we have taught him. We thank you for taking the leap and asking for coaching and allowing us to best serve you and your interests. You’re awesome man!!! Keep kicking ass!!!!!

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