A Special Thanks To The Ladies Of Group

If you could do one thing great or a lot of things mediocre, which direction would you take your life? A gym/facility has to make choices like this all the time. Do they decide to become a place of everything or the place of one thing?


Recently at Core Principles, we have made the hard choice to discontinue the group  class in an effort to pursue our efforts further, helping the 50 plus population.


I want to take the time in this blog post today, reflect on the moments and amazing times that I shared with the group members. So here it is….


First and foremost, I want to say thanks to every woman who put their trust in me and allowed me the freedom to be myself and coach them through countless workouts, where they pushed themselves further each and every time.


For over a year and few months I have had the distinct pleasure to watch you come in, try new moves, pick up more weight, and run around/dance when moving from station-to-station.


Some things I will never forget are:

-When Nicole talked to me about her old trainer who use to balance on his hands and tell people to keep going.

-When Lucy would yell, sing and dance around the room in an effort to get the other women fired up about the cardio sets.

-When Ashley double racked squat two 16 kilo kettlebells for reps. WOAH!!!!

-Lillibeth, showing up every Tuesday and Thursday without failure, ready to work, no fuss about it.

– When grace hex barred 135, multiple times.

-When every lady in the room performed a 12-18 inch box jump. Not an easy feat. The energy was great that night.

-And to every lady that allowed me to be me, where I run around sock bound and looney.


Over the last year and half, group had changed in many ways. From culture to people to programming. But one thing was constant, the women who stayed, kept showing up and kept trying to get better each and every day. Over the last year, these women have taught me that half the battle is just about showing up. When you show up, other people can help you get through the hard parts and truly make your day better.


One of the very truths in life is that you can not control the outcome of what happens, you are only responsible for it. These women took control of that responsibility and deeply impressed me, and made my career one of the best choices I have ever made in my own life.


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and look forward to continuing our relationship in the semi-private environment.




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