Are You A Groupie Or A Semi?

Are you a Groupie or Semi? Today, let’s break down the differences between Semi-Private Training and Group Training, so, you can make the decision on which program you are going to choose to get your FITNESS ONNNNNN!!!!!!


Semi-Private Training
Semi-private training is a 4-to-1 client to coach ratio, where clients work through an individual program that has been created with the intention of improving a person’s strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall health. These principles are fused with ones individual goals, so that when training they are getting what they need in conjunction with what they want.
 In the initial stages of the process, you meet with a coach one-on-one for a strategy session to discuss goals, past training, and walk through an assessment. Pretty cool, Right?!
It gets even better from there because on your first day there, a coach meets with you and walks you through the basics or what we call the fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning. What ensues is an hour long venture of Power, Strength, Accessory and Conditioning work, where this coach breaks down a series of exercises and concepts that you will be able to employ in your daily life and hobbies/sports. (For more on ways to program, check out Coach Pat’s blog here ).
But Wait…… There’s More!!!! As a Semi-Private Client, you have been enrolled in a group of Action and Accountability coaching. This Action and Accountability coaching is a benefit of the Semi-private experience and allows a client to discuss with their assigned coach Actions they can take in or outside the gym to further develop and reach their goals sooner. From nutrition to exercise to life practices you are able to discuss whatever you want with your personal accountability coach.
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Each and every month you have a personal “Pow Wow” with that coach discussing habits, obstacles, and best practices for pursuing whatever you want. The coaches job here is to listen, offer suggestions and action steps on how to navigate yourself to your goal. What’s even cooler is that every quarter (third month) of your training and habits you sit down with your coach in person and really develop your thoughts on how things are going and what you want.
Now, that you have a sense of Semi, let’s talk group!!!!
Group training is a 10-1 client to coach ratio, where a group of individuals work through a monthly program. Week-to-week you pursue physical fitness with others at an even pace. In the initial process you meet with a coach for a strategy session to discuss goals of what you want and walk through an assessment of what is needed to help put you in the best positions possible.
Now while this is similar to semi-private, the goal here is to just guarantee that you will not run into any obstacles during the group dynamic. Speaking of the group dynamic here’s how the class is ran. Warm-up for 10 minutes, Power exercises for about 8 minutes, Strength exercises for 10-12 minutes, and Conditioning exercises for 8-10 minutes. Mondays and Tuesdays are DAY 1 Programming. Wednesdays and Thursdays are DAY 2 Programming. Saturdays are DAY 3 Programming. The Programming stays the same for the month and changes at the beginning of each month. Here’s what a typical day would look like.
Warm-up: 10 minutes
Duration/Work time# of times repeated
20 seconds on/ 20 seconds of rest/transition
4 Rounds
Duration/Work time                                                                  # of times repeated
40 seconds on/ 20 seconds of rest/transition                           3- 4 Rounds
Duration/Work time                                                                  # of times repeated
30 seconds on/ 20 seconds of rest/transition                            4 Rounds
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Now, I realize that this may all look like gobbbelllyy gookkkkk, but the coaches job is to thoroughly explain each segment of the program, reason for it, the exercises involved and approach of how to get the best training effect. The fun part of group is everyone is working together at the same pace and is able to troubleshoot any problems that may come up when working out. Sometimes we work with partners and other times individually, but the nice part is that everyone is working through this physical exertion as a community and forging bonds of what it means to suffer.
SOOOOOO which one is best for you?!
If you like being truly pushed to your limits, have certain physical limitations, or like a lot of variety when it comes to training semi-private maybe for you. If you enjoy working with others, like being part of a team, and benefit from others pushing you and helping your through things, group might be for you. Final thought, each of these programs are beneficial in their own right and have much to offer an individual person. We have had people do both and really figure out which one fits their personality best. Remember, it all works, it’s just what you personally want out of your fitness experience.



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