Are you scared to get off the ground ?

Here’s how you get rid of that feeling and make sure you don’t have to worry about that situation next time it comes around.


 Simply in this order


Want to hear more about how we take these and put them together in a way that best fits your needs. Feel free to schedule a call with us.


 Hip range of motion is important. It either allows you to be in a bad or good position. If your in a bad position and have poor single leg strength good luck standing up. If you are in a good position it gives you a much better fighting chance.


Tucking your hips will help you not overextend and keep your back safe.


Your glutes are like the cap on a wine bottle if they don’t work the wines gose bad fast.


Finally, Single leg strength can be one of the most undervalued aspects of strength. Walking is one step after another, most activities in life happen on one leg. Using movements like To improve overall leg strength and balance. We suggest that you start working on your single leg strength. All you need is a stair or something steady to step up and down.


This can help keep your safer getting up and down and should make going up and down stairs easier. If you have any questions about why we use these movements and which movements are right for you please feel free to Reach out.


Coach Dan

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