Bang for your buck workout!

This time of year stores are competing to give you the best deals, the best “bang for buck”. As a customer, you are looking for the best value for the money.


This idea can help you achieve your fitness goals!


I want to give you ideas as to how you can create a short 20-30 minute workout that gives you the best value for the time you have available.


Do you feel like you are spending hours at the gym?


Want to train but you only have about 20 minutes to get in a workout?


Feel like you are stuck in the same routine and aren’t seeing any results?


We have created a workout that will help you get the best “Bang for your Buck”!


(Aka- results with the time and effort you have available)


This workout incorporates every day human movements such as pushing, pulling, squatting and moving your hips and added some sexier movements to spice up your training!


Give it a try!!


Repeat (A1 – A8) 2 or 3 times depending on the time you have available:


A1.) Push-up x 8

A2.) Split Squat x 6-8 on each leg

A3.) Half Kneel Double Arm High Row x 8-10

A4.) Hip Raise x 10

A5.) Tall Kneeling Anti-Rotation Hold :10 seconds each side

A6.) Side to Side Ball Slam x 4 on each side

A7.) Bear Crawl- 20 steps

A8.) Suitcase Carry- 20 seconds each side


Here’s some tips on each exercise!




Make a straight line from your head to your hips.

Lower your whole body together maintaining the straight line.
No bobbing for apples with your head!
If you are unable to do a push-up with great form, move that push-up to a bench.



Split Squat
Weight should be in the middle of your two legs.



Half Kneel Double Arm High Row
Be as tall as possible in half kneel and drive your knee through a pad like you are trying to put a hole in it.
Start with the arms extended and row your elbows to your ribs.
Hip Raise
Start lying flat on the ground.
Raise your hips to the sky making a straight line from your chest to your knees. Pinch your butt together at the top.
Tall Kneeling Anti-Rotation Hold
Grab some padding for your knees and set yourself up next to a column or a band hooked to the side.
Get as tall as you can on your knees and dig in your toes.
Side to side ball slam—> Click here for a video!
Bring the ball overhead each time.
Pivot the foot by”squashing the bug” and slam that ball hard into the ground!
Bear Crawl
Start in an all fours position shoulders over the hands knees under the hips.
Suitcase Carry
Pick up a dumbbell and put it in one hand.
Stand as tall as possible.
Try not to let the dumbbell touch your side as you walk.
Get your workout on!!

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