Be Kind to Your Spine: Love it, So It Loves You Back

Ok, so let’s face it, the spine is pretty important to human life, function, and all things that come to training. I love the science behind it and get so confused by the amount of shi% that comes with understanding how and why it functions. Simply, the spine is connected to your brain and sends signals down threw it to tell the rest of your body what is going on inside and outside your body. Think about it as a superhighway for all things brain, nerve, and motor control related.



A big misconception that I have valiantly taken on, is the notion that the spine should not move. When we pick up heavy weight or have to repeatedly move a load of some sort, then yes, the spine should stay straight as post. However, when living day-to-day life the spine was built to move in and out of different positions. In fact, I would argue that the health of your spine is determined by its ability to articulate in all directions.


Today, I want to show you a few ways to love your spine through some mobility, stability, and body weight exercises to strengthen and make it work for you.




One of the Fave moves and go to’s when the body feels stiff. The Cat/Cow, (if done well) can allow a person to articulate each individual vertebrae and really make the body feel amazing. The goal here is strictly move one segment at a time and make it somewhat of a softer, seamless, and fluid motion. Its should look like a wave if done right.


Sitting Dog


Similar to the Cat/Cow, the sitting dog focuses on segmenting the spine, by using your muscles to flex and extend each vertebrae. The beauty with this one is its ability to lock down the low back and strictly isolate the upper back where flexion and extension of the spine should be most prominent. The T-spine is the primary focus here and the goal should be to make it fluid like the Cat/Cow.


90/90 (shinbox) twist and reach


What good is the spine if it can’t twist? Rotation is a primary function of the spine and really allows someone to create a lot of strength and power when a person is able to twist and/or resist using the large muscles around that misshapen post, you know as a spine.


Power down robot


I like this one because you get a whole body motion going. You free up the low back and also the shoulders which are housed on the back and allow them to function properly. In addition, you tie rotation into the movement and really allow you core and spine to do some work. It’s feels super good and can be down as soon as you get out of bed.


So, use these and get that spine feeling good. Do them at home, at your desk, at your next meeting. Be the change you wish to achieve and feel great.


Best, Coach Jim

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