Don’t Go It Alone!

It’s hard to make change at times. In fact a very famous psychologist, Joe Dispenza, argues that most of our life is just automated habits and if we want to change, we have only 5% of our brain to do so. Now, while I love talking about the lizard brain and how will power is an evolutionary failure, this post is not about that. It’s actually about creating and utilizing a support system that creates change through simple daily practice. Let’s talk about Margaret’s progress.


(Exercise image of an elevated plank reach)


Margaret is a member here at Core Principles. Now, Margaret has been on a roll for the last year, showing up to the gym 3 days a week, working through her programs, trying to make the changes she has always wanted. But Margaret reached a bit of a plateau. Now, while the 3 days a week were working for her, her mindset evolved and felt the inkling of wanting to see more dramatic change. Problem was she didn’t exactly know where to start. She knew she wanted to improve her health more, and was doing so inside the gym, but knew she could do more outside of those four walls. Now, it’s moments like this one where we often turn to the internet and become bombarded by the latest trends, fad, and quickest way to lose something(most likely your mind or your money).
The great thing was, Margaret actually didn’t need to look too far from where she first decided to prioritize her health and well being. As a member of Core Principles, clients (semi-private) are placed into small groups, where a coach keeps in contact with them on an individual basis, trying to help them come up with small, sustainable, long term habits that reflect their goals. Now it took some time, but Margaret and Pat were able to get some sessions together and began working more directly on what she wanted.
(Margaret reaching for her goals in and outside the gym)
While I can’t divulge too much of what Margaret is exactly working on (client confidentiality), I can say that she has been prioritizing her goal and utilizing her habit about 1-2 days out of the week. Her and Pat talk regularly about what is working well and what she feels may be getting in her way. She is in control of how far she goes with this and we at CP are excited for the journey.
(Margaret killing some squats to get better at skiing)
Margaret is on the the path to true, long term sustainable habits and outcomes. She sees the value of all things gym/health related and how she can apply them to life. In fact, just today (1/30/2018)  she was identifying what movements really help her ski. Margaret is awesome and we are so happy to have her feeling confident and that she trusts us enough to work with her towards those goals outside the gym. YOU GO GIRL!!!

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