Employ A Strategy Already Known: Using Your Own Strategies To Nutrition Success.

How have you come about where you are in life? Did you wake up one day and hope for the best? Did you rub a magic lamp and yell “Abracadabra”? Did you go on an epic Indiana Jones quest, and find the forbidden water of success?


If you did, you and I have to talk.


If not, chances are you employed strategies to get to where you are now.


The truth is, You Are Awesome. You have been showing up each and every day to put in a daily grind and get better at what you do, day in and day out. You use practices, strategies, and methods to keep your head and heart focused on a larger goal. So, today I want to talk about this concept and how you can think about your own strategies and how you can use those familiar methods to achieve nutrition habits.


(Just be aware that some of these methods outlined below may not line up with you. The thoughts in this post are just to give a sense of awareness and level of insight/thought about what you already do to build some nutritional habits and aid those health/physique/fitness goals).


So, where do we begin? Well, let’s start with your morning.


I would imagine that you use some sort of alarm or reminder on your phone to wake you up. Now, as crazy as this my sound, that alarm is a clear indicator for you to get out of bed and get the day going. This alarm is a strategy to help you start your day and make sure you are up and doing what you need to be doing to get the day rolling.




How can this be applied?


Well, did you know you can set alarms for just about everything/anything. I set alarms anytime I need to remember to shut the stove off or when I am writing, or when I am about to embark on some delicious food. One of the Habits we like to talk about at C.P. is eating slowly. Eating slowly, brings awareness to how much food you have eaten and communicates to the brain if you are about to be full. SOOOO, use that alarm and set a timer for about 15 minutes.


Feel like that’s too much time? So, go smaller. Remember, the idea here is to use the strategy of setting an alarm. Play with the number and build it up over time.




Do you drink coffee? I do and I know how much I enjoy a cup of brew on the way to work, in the office, at the Bucks of Star. There is seriously nothing better than enjoying a nice hot or cold cup of java at the right moment.


Believe it or not? You are employing another strategy here. You are carrying around a liquid with you and possibly using a reusable container to do so. If you are like me, you grab this thing every morning fill it with the best colombian beans you can. You can do this with just about any nutritional beverage you like.


Protein shake? Vegan protein shake?Organic Himalayan protein mocha frappe shake? Water?
You can bring liquids and nutrients/minerals with you easily. The goal here is to get them where you can, when you can. Do you count the ounces of coffee you drink? Probably not?! Overreaching with a number such as 100 ounces of water a day can be daunting.
Instead carry around a reusable bottle or cup or that thing you put your coffee in and fill it with something that will keep you hydrated and fueled throughout the day.
Ever planned a party?
It’s work, isn’t it? You have to clean the house, set up decorations, plan, prep, and cook food, and then run around making sure everyone is having a good time so that they only say nice things about you.



Beautiful part of this is you can plan, prep, and cool food without having a party and also those people you kind of like.


So, how do we do this.


Start with scheduling, schedule a day, just like selecting a day for the party to head to the store. Have a list ready of all the foods you need for the week. Once home prep and premake food for the week, so you have it ready for any day or time of that week. It’s as if you are planning a party for yourself for the week.


What this does is help you become aware of what foods you are eating and having them ready so that it keeps you on track and focused on your fitness goals.

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