Getting Started Is Never Easy, But It Is Possible

Life has its ups and downs; there is no argument there. Some people have higher ups and lower downs.


The people that succeed the most are the ones that don’t give up.


Today I want to tell you a little story about our SuperHero Client and rock star Mom Kim who has been through her fair share of ups and downs but never gave up.


Kim (Far Left) has been working out at Core Principles for “5” months.
(You will see why I put 5 in quotation marks soon.)
Kim first reached out to Haylin more than 5 months ago and showed some interested in joining the Core Principles Family.
Just like many other women Kim never felt comfortable in a gym, she always felt judged and like she didn’t fit in.
She knew she wanted to change some things in her life, she wanted to be able to play with her son and not worry about getting hurt. She wanted to be able to do things with her friends and not feel like she was holding them back.
Soon after speaking with Haylin on the phone and deciding if she was ready to take on something for herself, a death in Kim’s family took her back and she was not ready to make a commitment yet.
Time passes a little and Kim reaches back out and is ready to make a commitment to her own health and wellbeing.
Kim comes in on Tuesday morning for her first group class and crushes it! She is super pumped to come back had a blast working out and meeting some women who she can now call friends.
However life threw her another curveball. Soon after her first workout Kim was running to a conference a tore her calf muscle.
She was super bummed she was sidelined for about a month.
She did not give up though. Once she was ready to go she was back in and has been crushing it since.
Kim was determined that she was going to make some change in her life.
Since working out Kim says she has a ton more energy, she feels like a more positive person overall, lost a few pounds, and has become more aware of her habits.
I can imagine that at times it was easy for Kim to say “This just isn’t the right time” but she didn’t.
The reality that there is never going to be a “perfect time”, life is always going to try to throw us off.
It is our goal to kick life in the ASS!
Kim you are such a strong, motivated, and amazing person we love having you and your positive energy here at Core Principles.
-Coach Pat

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