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John has been coming to Core Principles for some time. Meeting john for the first time back in September of 2017, I did not know what to expect. Up until that point my exposure to coaching has been mainly on the training side and never really focused on one’s self-development in all areas of life. I remember the first day I met John, he came in with a huge smile on his face.


When I began John was coming only 2 days out the week and during times that he was able to escape from the office. Like most of our clients, John is a gogetter and has a high stress job, where he is trying best to help the people that he works with and clients he has. On top of that he coaches his two young boys hockey team and makes time to try and get out and surf and snowboard with his family as much as possible.


So, why I am telling you this?


Lately, John has been crushing it. He has been showing up to CP 3 to 4 days out of the week. Lifting big weights, listening and collaborating with his coaches and really striving to be the best version of himself. Back in September, John struggled with getting through his whole conditioning set and felt he needed multiple breaks to catch his breath. NOW, he burns through his conditioning pieces, discusses workout strategy, and asks if he can cut down the rest time during certain sets or movements.


This transition and progress really impresses me. John in a few short months was able to up his days, strength, and cardio. He even told me last week, if he could be at CP all the time he would. With the upcoming golf season, John is excited to get out on the green and see what all this new found strength and conditioning will do for his game.
John has great focus and really goes after what he wants. He took this attitude and employed it at Core Principles. He works his ass off, every time we are with him. There is never a moment where John is not talking about the best way to get the most out the movements he is doing for that day. For that we thank John.
Coaching is a collaboration, where you meet, discuss and establish best practices with your clients. You want the most for them that they want for themselves and know they can achieve it through hard work and dedication. With good instruction, safety in mind, and focus on realistic goals, you too can be on the path John is on. We are stoked to see where John goes from here and he knows we got his back with whatever goals he sets for himself.

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