Healthy Eating Skills Academy

Over the past few weeks, you have been hearing more about our Healthy Eating Skills Academy we are rolling out September 14th.


Today I want to let you know exactly what the program is and is not!


To start this program is probably different than anything you have heard of or tried in the past. Chances are you are skeptical about something that is completely new. Those feelings are normal and most people we work with have those feelings.


They have tried everything and anything you can imagine to lose weight, diets, pills, hypnotism, and much more. Most of our clients feel that there is nothing else to try and think there is nothing out there that will help them.


Now back to what this program is vs. is not.


Healthy Eating Skills Academy is…

Healthy Eating Skills Academy is not…



What do you get with our Healthy Eating Skills Academy?
Initial Nutrition “Where are you now” Consultation so we can customize this program to fit your life and set you up for succes
–Weekly 30 Minute Phone Coaching & Accountability Calls with your coach to highlight wins from the last week and troubleshoot any roadblocks you may run into
– Weekly Videos with Nutrition Skills so you have a clear understanding of what you are working on, why it works, and how to adjust the dial
– Nutrition Skills Cheat Sheet that you can keep forever to reference back and continue to build on what you learned over the 5 weeks
– Personalized Skills Tracker to help you stay accountable and make sure you are taking daily action to get you one step closer to your goal
– Unlimited Email/Text Access to your coach so you never feel like you are going at this alone. Things will pop up and you will have questions along the way and we are here to help. The real value of this program is having a real human on the other end.
If you know right now that this program is exactly what you are looking for we like to reward action takers! Our early bird special ends in 4 days. Make sure to sign up before then to save $100 on our Healthy Eating Skills Academy.
Click HERE to learn more and sign up today!
Did I mention there is a 100% money-back guarantee? You have nothing to lose besides a few lbs!



Coach Pat

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