How Little Voices In Her Head Helped Renee Overcome A Big Obstacle

We all have little voices in our heads, sometimes telling us good things, sometimes not so good things and then other times the most random things you can ever think off.


Often times it is your own voice that you hear in your own head talking to yourself. What if I told you that it is possible to hear other people’s voices in your head helping you make decisions?


Last night on one of our weekly New Age Nutrition calls one of our Superstars Renee said some great things that she did in the past week that I wanted to share with all of you.


Before we get to what Renee said I want to give you a little background information about Renee.


She first joined Core Principles back in April and started working out with us 2x a week. Renee progressed quickly in terms of strength, movement quality, and increases in energy.


Renee signed up for our New Age Nutrition Club at the beginning of July has now has made great progress with her nutrition also.


Last night was our second to the last call for this round of the program and Renee shared with me some awesome things that happened over the past week.


Renee mentioned that she was visiting a family member in the hospital and was there for quite some time. She started to get hungry so she decided to walk down to the cafeteria and get something to eat.


Renee was tired, a little emotional, and admitted she was craving a cookie. However, Renee decided to sit with that feeling for a little and then said she heard my voice in her head. She started to think about what I would tell her to get and what would be a little better than the cookie.


Now I hope that my voice in her head was not an evil one telling her she can’t have the cookie, but more of a supportive one helping guide her to make the better decision, I do believe that is where the value of a coach comes in.


Someone who you know is there to support you, help you make good decisions, and help you troubleshoot roadblocks when they come up.


We say it time and time again but it is so true, the value of our New Age Nutrition Club is not about the information, you know what to do. It is about having someone help make sure you take simple daily action just like Renee. She knew the cookie was not a great option but openly admitted that if she was not doing this nutrition program she probably would have gone for the cookie without a second thought.


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