How One Dad Tried To Make Time For Himself And Ended Up Spending More Time With His Family

I have no idea what it is like being a dad but I am sure it is not easy. Having twin daughters definitely does not make things any easier. Constantly having to drive the kids around, take them to different activities, feed them and everything else that goes into being a dad can be a hard task.


Trying to find some time for yourself while you put your kids first can be a challenge. Today I want to share a story with you of how one man was able to make small changes and create time for himself that lead to bigger things.


Meet Harris!

Harris first joined Core Principles back in November as part of our Men’s 50+ program. When Harris first came in he was a little reluctant to sign up, he probably had some of the same fears that most people had, is this going to work? Am I going to fit in and be comfortable? What if I am too out of shape? All of those things are completely normal so if you feel like that don’t worry you are not alone.
After coming in, meeting with Haylin, and finding out one of his neighbors already worked out here Harris still needed to think about it.
A few days go by and Harris decides to give it a shot and signs up.
When he first joined, his goal was simply to get here two times a week. That was where he was and that was enough of a challenge for him. Between his kids, at home and work Harris is a busy man.
Harris started doing it, he was showing up consistently and proved to himself he was able to get here.
The next step Harris wanted to take was working on getting some extra activity outside of the gym. While having his accountability sit down with superstar coach Jim together they set up a goal of getting on his spin bike at home for 15-30 minutes one day a week. Again, Harris did a great job of setting a goal that he thought was achievable. From there Harris and Jim would have chats and step things up a notch when Harris felt ready.
Now Harris is crushing it getting more and more activity outside of the gym.
When Harris first started here he focused on making time for himself. Now things have changed a little. Harris has actually used his goals of trying to be more active to help him create more time with his family. Harris has mentioned that now he incorporates his daughters into his activity outside of the gym, whether it is going on a walk together, teaching them how to ride bikes and other great family activities. Harris is not only proud of himself but he is proud of his daughters for joining him on his mission to be more active.
Things like that are most important, they are meaningful and will help keep your motivation and adherence high.
Harris, we applaud you for your effort to make yourself better but also to make your family closer.
-Coach Pat

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