How One Text A Day Is Changing People’s Lives

Over here at the fountain of youth, we take our fitness and nutrition very seriously but we make sure to incorporate tons of fun and comradery into everything we do!


Recently we have started a fun little challenge with a few of our Superheros. Last week Haylin was running one of our virtual workouts and the workout included 8 push-ups. Haylin asked people what they thought would happen if they did 8 push-ups a day? 


People were very intrigued and decided to make that a goal. Haylin went as far as texting people each day reminding them to get their push-ups in!
People have been crushing their push-ups!
Why is this working so well?
We hear this word tossed around all the time but what does accountability really mean? Accountability is getting a gentle nudge like a text reminder to do a certain task, it is not a drill sergeant making you feel bad for not doing something. We know our people have a lot going on in their life and push-ups might be the last thing on their minds. 
People have said Just got home….just saw your text…just did my 8 push-ups. These are great reminders…keep em comin’” Fun.
If you don’t enjoy doing something chances are you are not going to continue to do it. Most of our people probably don’t have fun doing push-ups. They are however having fun making it a challenge for themselves, knowing the other people they work out with are doing them also, and incorporating friends and family into the challenge. Some are even doing their push-ups mid-class.
“Just dropped and did them mid anatomy lecture LOL”
Specific Goal
This may be super simple but it is so important. Notice that we made the goal to do 8 push-ups a day, and not “do more push-ups”. If you have a specific goal that you can either say got done or did not your chances of being successful are significantly increased.
Do you want to join our Push Up challenge? Maybe you wanted to start your own challenge for something else.
Either way, if you would like some help simply drop us an email with your number and we can set up a system with Accountability, Fun, and a Specific Goal for you!

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