How To Recognize Progress In 30 Days

What is that one thing in your life that you have always wanted to do? That one thing that always sits in the back of your mind but you just have not pulled the trigger yet.


It is easy to make excuses and say its too late in life, or it’s too hard, or I just don’t have the time.


If you truly want something though you have to go out and get it!


Meet Mickey, a 63-year young man who decided it was time to start a strength training program as he has always wanted too.


Mickey knew that those things are great but he also knew that he was not regularly strength training, which is also super important to stay strong and healthy.


Mickey is just over 30 days here at Core Principles and has made great progress.


He moves super well, does a great job challenging himself, and has felt changes outside of the gym which is most important.


One thing that really stands out to me is how Mickey can recognize progress. It is easy to see our progress on the scale, when the weight we use increases, and how our clothes fit.


However, that is only one part of the picture, there are so many more things to look at.


I remember one day when Mickey came in he told me that earlier in the week he was feeling a little under the weather. We made sure to take things slow as he needed but he got through the full workout and was feeling better towards the end.


The thing that stood out to me most was when Mickey said he felt that he recovered much quicker from his cold this time than he has in the past, he attributed it to his strength workouts and focusing on his nutrition a little more.


That is a great sign of progress that some people may not even recognize!
Along with being able to recover from his workouts, Mickey says he is feeling stronger, more flexible, and is more aways of how his body moves and what he is eating to fuel it.
Mickey has been a rockstar of consistency both inside and outside of the gym, if he can feel this good in 30 days I can’t wait to see how he feels in 90 days!
If you are ready to get stronger, more flexible, and recover better from illnesses just like Mickey we are here to help! Simply give us a call @ (203) 914-6396 or send an email to
-Coach Pat

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