How Your Shoes Can Be Contributing To Your Back/Knee Discomfort and What To Do About Them

Today we’re going to talk wardrobe in the gym. Yes, I am being serious because your wardrobe can make a big impact on your workout and help you get more out of each exercise.


I am going to let you in on a little secret if you want the best work out of your life dressing like an 80s Richard Simmions will help give you magical powers you have always wanted!


Just kidding, but in all seriousness, we did have an 80s themed day filled with bright neon and 80s music!


Don’t believe me? Check out this picture!


Now if you know me you know that one of my passions is sneakers, I have over 20 pairs at home, some that I barely wear, and quite a few that I only where inside and will change if I have to go outside. I know I am a little crazy.
But today I want to talk about your shoes and how they can impact your workout.
You may not think that your sneakers will make a difference in how well you squat, or how your back and knees feel but it has a great impact than you thought.
When we are doing certain exercises in the gym we want to be able to have a good feel of the ground, depending on what shoes you have on it will be easier or harder to feel the ground.
Below are a few of my recommendations for shoes that will help you have a better workout and increase your ability to feel certain things.
Cross Training Shoes
Running Shoes
The thing I would caution you against is those Walking Shoes with the huge padded curved bottom. While they may be good for walking, or at least that’s what they’re advertised as, they are definitely not ideal for weight training.
If you have any questions about what shoes would be best for you or if your ready to ditch your old gym because they don’t let you play barefoot we are here for you! Please give us a call/text @ 203-914-6396 or send an email to
-Coach Pat
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