I Know What Your Priorities Are

My friends,

We’re inching our way through January, the weather has been mild but there have been a few days of what


I consider “hot cocoa worthy.”


I had hot chocolate for the first time in a few years this winter and introduced my boys to it about a week back.


Now that we’ve established that fact,


I have another fact.


I can tell you what your priorities are just by taking a look at your calendar. Your calendar shows what your true priorities are.

If your calendar shows what your true priorities are, the inverse can also be true.


What doesn’t show up on your calendar are your true priorities.  If you are not getting the things done that are important to you, they are not all that important.  (There are obvious exceptions, being sick, having a sick family member and other emergencies that force a shift in priorities.)


Now before you get out your pitchforks of disagreement even if you don’t use an actual calendar you get the point. What are you actually spending your time doing during the day? Is there alignment between what you say is important and what you spend your time doing each day?


Social media, TV, low-level activities that could be delegated all have a place but if day in day out these time sucks are dominating over what you would like to get done, it’s time for a change.


I’ll give you an example from my life and specifically Core Principles. Obviously what drives this business ahead is taking great care of our existing SuperHeros (clients) and following up with individuals that are not yet clients (leads).


You can see how this applies to any part of your life.  Want to feel strong again and have better all-day energy.


Exercise better show up on your calendar (and an alarm to go to bed would be helpful)


Want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, a specific time for that should show up on your calendar.


Want to get good at your sales presentation, better put some time on the calendar to practice.


You get the idea and the concept is fundamentally basic but it’s easy to overlook this step of just putting the important stuff on the calendar.


If it doesn’t make it to the calendar is it really that important? For you to decide.


I’m sure you have seen or hear about the demonstration of how many rocks and how much sand you can fit into a glass, it varies depending on what goes in the glass first. Watch it here.


Are you going to want to do these things when they show up on your calendar, not all the time? But, can you do them anyway? Can you do the important things even when you don’t want to?


I know you can do hard things. You’re a human, you’re built for hard things.


Set your priorities if for no other reason than it will feel so exceptionally fulfilling when you do execute them.



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