Light Switch or Dimmer?

Just this past week I had such a great conversation with one of our superheroes that I wanted to share with you all.


To give you some context this superhero was here for her second workout of the week. The first workout was Tuesday morning after a long night with very little sleep. 


We talked about how training is more like a dimmer switch than an on off switch. 


What does that mean? 

With an on off switch there are only two options, on or off, there is no inbetween. In terms of training this would look like you either have 100 percent to give to your workout or you give nothing. While I am sure at times it doesn’t feel “worth it” to go in for a workout when you are not feeling 100 percent, I promise you that will lead to less consistency and over time less results. When we think about a dimmer switch the light can be 100 percent on, off completely or anywhere in the middle. In terms of training this means some days you are going to feel amazing and do more than you ever have before, some days it truly is best to rest, and most of the time you will be somewhere in the middle.


Our job as your sherpas to success over here at Core Principles is to understand where all of our superheroes are each day and help them adjust the dial so that they can leave here feeling better than before. 


Our goal is to make sure everyone walks out of the door feeling better than they did when they walked in.


This analogy does not only apply to training. We can apply to nutrition skills, sleep habits, learning a new instrument and pretty much everything we do in life. 


Not every day needs to be 100 percent. If you can adjust the dial daily, and stay consistent with your goals your chances of success will skyrocket.



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