Lose Weight While Eating The Foods You Love

In order to lose weight it is important to make some changes to your nutrition.


Some of you may have heard the saying “You can’t out train your diet”. In order to really see changes in your body composition you must make some changes to your eating.


What is the first thing you think of when you think of changing your nutrition?


Probably something along the lines of “I can’t eat this”, or “I need to avoid that”.


Most likely you are thinking about changing WHAT you eat.


Now while this can absolutely work, what if I told you that is not the only way to achieve your goals?


I want to use a little money analogy here.


If you are spending more money than you make a month you will be losing money. We can all agree on that right? (Ignoring any investments or anything.)


Now I can’t speak for everybody but I would always rather make more money than I spend and be able to save some.


If we’re talking weight loss we would want to expend more calories than we eat.


Changing what you eat is not the only way to achieve this.


Another way is to change HOW you eat.


Two of the most important habits that change the way you eat and have an impact on your calories consumed are eating slowly and eating until you are 80% full.


Eating Slowly


Eating slowly has numerous benefits to your digestive health, mental health, and many other things.


It has a big impact on how much you eat too.


Eating slowly helps reduce the amount of calories you eat.


It helps you be in the moment and not over eat by being distracted and it allows your body to recognize it is full.


Eating Until You Are 80% Full


This habit will be a little harder to work on because there is no alarm that goes off in your head to let you know you are 80% full.


Eating until you are 80% full is a great way to reduce the amount of calories you consume.


A good place to start with finding 80% full is start with a balanced meal. Look at your plate, that is 100%, now eat 80% of that. Leave some food on your plate.


Leftovers are okay! Don’t feel like you absolutely need to finish everything.


This will take some practice; it will force you to be a little uncomfortable.


Just like everything else the key is to take daily action.


The formula for weight lose is easy; eat less calories than your burn.


The action and consistency is what is hard.


If you need help with your nutritional habits and need some support and accountability don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Give us a call 203-914-6396 or send us an email to


-Coach Pat

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