Make the Most of Your Goals

Everyone has different reasons for exercising. Some include doctors recommendations, weight loss goals, wanting to look good for an upcoming event, or to try to please someone else.  While all of these reasons have meaning and are important to you, trying to think about the benefits of exercise in a more positive light may help exercise become a more sustainable habit.


are all common goals and thoughts that people look to achieve with exercise. But, what do all of those ideas have in common? They all focus on  the idea of “less” making it seem that the only reason to exercise is to lose something such as weight or body fat. This can be motivational, but only for a certain while. 


So, how do we change this mindset or rather reframe it, so we can reach our goals and keep going? Let’s start by trying to focus on the things you can gain from exercise will actually help build motivation or consistency. Thinking about getting stronger, happier healthier, and sexier are all awesome benefits you gain from exercise.


Here are a few tips that can help build this motivation and help you reach your goals.


While exercising think about how it makes you feel inside. Or even after you just burned some calories and killed your workout, reflect on how you are feeling about what you just did.  Ask yourself, “Do I feel ready to crush the day or how nothing can stand in my way? Do you I feel like you can jump through the roof after doing some push-ups for the first time in years? Focusing on all those awesome positive feelings associated with exercise will help build motivation and help you feel like the superhero you are!


Another tip to help build motivation for exercise is to truly ask yourself why you are exercising. At first the answer may seem simple such as “I want to lose 10lbs” or “I want to be in better shape” While it may seem that those are the true reasons for exercising, try to dig deeper and ask yourself why you want to lose 10lbs or why you want to get in better shape. Finding the true meaning behind those initial goals will help provide purpose and value to your exercise routine.  Is it that you want to lose 10lbs because you want to feel amazing in your body when you go to the beach? Or do you want to be in better shape because you want to run around with your kids without getting so winded? Consistently trying to find the meaning behind your reasons for exercise will help you understand what you want to accomplish and will keep you motivated every step of the way.

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