Make Your Waist Smaller Without A Huge Commitment

When it comes to filling up my plate at dinner time, I have never been one to leave a lot of free space. After a while, I was wondering why my stomach was starting to grow, but I was eating “Good Foods,” I knew I needed a change.


I always try to be health conscious when it comes to nutrition. I make sure I think about anything I put into my body before I eat or drink it.
So what was leading to this growth of a 29-year-old active male? After taking a nutrition course from Stanford University something was pointed out to me that I never thought of.
Something so simple and in hindsight something I’d likely tell one of my clients to look at if they’re growing in the wrong direction.
The size of the plate you put your food on is critical. Most of us just think of the food we put on the plate, but the amount can be measured in more ways than just weight. I remembered buying plates because they were large, so I’d be able to fill them and not have to go back 2 or 3 times for more.
Now that I look at it, how did I not realize I was going to overeat. Here’s how I fixed that issue. It was simple and cost effective.
This all led to me losing five pounds, my clothes fit better, and I definitely felt much better in my workouts. It was simple and something I was able to do without a vast commitment in the middle of the summer.  
Subconsciously we want to fill those plates up to the brim every time. Being conscious of how much we have on the plate and the size of the plate makes a huge difference. If you have any questions about your nutrition, please feel free to reach out.
Coach Dan,

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