My Big Fat Greek Dinner: Culture and Eating

This week my mom is visiting me from the Midwest. One of the first things she did when she walked through the door on Saturday is open the fridge to see if we needed to go grocery shopping.


My mom is old school Polish and her idea of a good meal is a BIG meal consisting of meat and lots of potatoes. It’s very funny because whenever she comes to visit, I’m at least 5 lbs heavier at the end of her stay and so is my dog! But my mom comes from a culture where food was a scarcity at one point… So for her being able to put food on the table and feeding her loved ones is an emotional gesture of caring.


The great thing about the U.S. is that we’re such a diverse nation and one thing that brings us all together is food! We all love trying different cuisines, and have even gone as far as adopting various food themes for different days of the week like Taco Tuesday, or Pizza Friday.


Though celebrating cultures is wonderful and a fun part of life, if you got serious nutrition goals, it would be wise to examine how your own culture influences eating habits that are important to you.
Going back to my mom and our culture, I know that food will always be a big part of going home and spending time with family. And though I will never say no to a big bowl of borscht and some home-made pierogi’s I try to ensure that I don’t fall too far off the wagon and I’m still making healthy choices when it comes to food and my goals of weight-maintenance most of the time.
You too may find yourself in situations where your culture affects what and how you eat. Whether you’re Italian and a pasta lover, or an American from a burger-eatin’, mac & cheese loving family, there are a few things you can do to ensure your cultural pressure is not making you overindulge and stray too far off your dietary plan.
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-Coach Jojo

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