Never Give Up!

What does it mean to persevere? What does it look like, sound like, hell, even smell like? Have you ever met someone that overcame an amazing feat and wondered how they did it? Or for that matter, have you ever met someone with a chronic debilitating issue that has caused them pain for 20 years. I have!!!! Let’s tell you there story.


Many of us work through injuries and pain. We often think once we get injured that this is all life has to offer and give in to this idea. We stop what we love to do and forfeit our right to live a pain free, fun-filled life.  A conversation in your head might go something like this, “I will always feel this way.  Why bother heading to another doctor or specialist? They can’t help me”. Well, that was not the case for Lucy Moreno. Lucy Moreno came to Core Principles in August of 2017. At first glance, you notice that Lucy is fun, kind, and active. But Lucy had a problem, she had debilitating back pain for the last 20 years.

Now, years went by and Lucy tried everything and talked to multiple doctors about her issues. She had a hard time dancing at events like weddings or when getting together with friends. Traveling was even a larger issue, where she would have to prep and put aside a few extra hours to get herself mentally and physically ready for the pain she would endure from the sitting she was going to do. She tried and used all different methods to help alleviate her symptoms but could not find an answer to the root of the cause.
(Lucy doing a plank to strengthen her core and avoid back pain)
Now, I am not telling you this story in an effort to make you feel sad or unhappy that something like this can persist for so long. In fact it’s just the contrary. As of now, Lucy does not suffer from this back pain. In fact, Lucy has committed herself to the Core Principles methods where she not only deadlifts using her back and legs, but also performs a variety of other exercises to help strengthen her entire body. Now this took a few months and some serious trust, but after a few months and tremendous effort, Lucy has relieved herself of this problem. She now enjoys working out, going out with friends, and yes, dancing. Traveling has become a thing of great pleasure and joyful expectation. The days she gets back from her trip, her smile spans from ear to ear with the good news of the hours of travel with no symptoms. We are so proud of her and greatly appreciate all the happiness she exudes throughout the community here at CP
(Lucy doing Slideboard Single leg Deadlifts. Strengthening her hamstrings and back. You go girl!!!!)
The fact is that pain does not need to be a stopping point when it comes to fitness, fun, and overall life.  Look at Lucy’s efforts, she suffered for years, saw many people, and worked through different forms of therapy to get to this point. She is a true inspiration and her story can offer encouragement to anyone who is trying to strive for betterment. Whether that is health, strength, intelligence, or ridding your body of aches and pains. Just be aware that you can achieve it and that you should NEVER GIVE UP even if it feels like the end is nowhere in sight.
We are lucky to have Lucy here in Core Principles community and watch her growth within her fitness journey. We can’t wait to see where she goes from here.


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