New Year, Better Greg

Greg is a member of Core Principles for a little over a year now. Greg has seen his fair share of ups and downs.


However, Greg also wanted to feel better. Meaning, not be in pain, be able to train and not feel like crap after leaving the gym. Interestingly enough this was something that Greg didn’t reveal until we learned that after each workout he was in pain.


This shocked the team and I a bit because we try to make a huge effort for feedback. We ask people to be as transparent and upfront with their feedback as possible so we can provide them with everything they need. Greg, being such a good guy and desperately trying to trust the process, forewent his pain for the time being. By the time it became too much, it seemed like too late.

He needed a break.
Now, typically when a person says this, the likelihood of them returning increases the longer the time they spend away. Now it took Greg several months and a few doctors visits, but he is now back.
Moving forward, Greg has told us what his doctor recommends and what we can do to help achieve his fitness goals. He trusts us enough with his fitness and our process to make the choices to get him, where he wants to go. Collaborating with Greg, we can better serve him with the clear expectation that if something is causing him pain that he lets us know right away and we can change what we need to.
Like Greg, you too can have fitness your way, with your care in mind. Training/exercise does not need to be grueling, nor does it need to cause you more pain. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@coreprinciples-sc.comor on our Facebook page @ Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.
Coach Jim

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