Now you can bring the food you want to any BBQ with out offending anyone

This means at gatherings there’s usually an abundance of food I would rather not eat. It’s taking a little bit of time but I have figured out how to navigate these situations and still eat good quality food without offending anyone.


Most people already have an idea of your traits and choices even if they never met you before or only heard of your hobbies.


 As a health professional, I always get the wise guy at the food table that starts with “ so your the fit guy uh? so you don’t eat any of this stuff right? “ Usually with a slight grin. My response has changed many times but for the most part, it’s sure to just silence the situation.


Now the way I have changed the situation and conversation is simple.


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When we send these cases of drinks or food over we always send a handwritten card with an opening line of  “here’s something I came across I figured you love “ looking forward to seeing yours soon.


I have been able to go to a bbg or event at a friend whether its labor day, 4th of July or labor day and actually have a better time. The whole thing changes to this positive point of conversation and less worrying on my part. Planning ahead, be positive in your approach to your foods not demanding and the mindset of eating the foods you brought because they taste better leads no one to say you’re pushing your healthy lifestyle stuff on my good time. 


If you have any questions about the food or habits we just talked about feel free to reach out.

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