Nutrition Tips for Summer and Summer Antics

Summer is a blast. I think we all know what summer brings. Parties, late nights, and a hell of a lot of food. For years summer would come around and I would get so pumped for epic movies, outdoor holidays, pool parties and events, and the food that accompanied it. As much as I enjoy these things, I still want to maintain my goals and not lose the gains I made because the summer bug hit me. So let’s discuss some tips on how to maintain and get better results this summer while still doing all the fun things we want.

Tip 1: DRINK SOME WATER!!!!! #Carryaresusalebottle
Summer is hot and we are active creatures. Even when we are doing low intensity things, like walking, we sweat. Because of this we need to hydrate. If we don’t hydrate the nutrients in our body don’t get where they need to go as fast. So, hydrate!!!!
An action you can take to ensure this, is grab a reusable bottle. There are a thousand different brands and unique styles these days at a super low price. So grab one of those bottles off the shelf and get to filling.



Tip 2: Eat something light before an event or party!!!! #FOODGOALS


Parties and events tend to centerpiece food that is reasonably healthy and unhealthy. Typically, a staple of summer is burgers, hotdogs, and beer. Now, I don’t know about you but I do enjoy these on a nice hot day, while celebrating summer.

The reality is though we can’t slam these things everyday or potentially at every party or event. Some of us have something each weekend or every few days, depending on the nature of your job or social life.
So, an action, you can take is eating something small or light before you head to a social gathering to ensure not over consuming things that impact your goals negatively. You get a choice in the matter here and can continue on the path you have set out to achieve and not be tempted by the aromas of those other foods.
Tip 3: Give yourself options at a party!!!! #Bringsomething



When attending an event, it can be hard to make a good nutritional choice, because like I said, the centerpiece food is often something that has a great aroma but tends to be less nutritious for your body. We have all been at a party where a mere mention of a vegetable could elicit a 1950’s response, where people strain their face with disdain and justify in some way that one does not need those things to live life.


The fact is that burgers, hotdogs, and food less healthy is cheap. That doesn’t mean though that every party has to be subjected to these foods and you have to give in and up your right to get a healthy meal.


An action we can take is the gift of giving. Bring something! Something healthy! Nowadays, you can buy a veggie platter at a cheap price. You can bring a large plate of chicken or a leaner style of meat/protein to give yourself an option. Bring a dessert such as a fruit platter to get something sweet but also loaded with other nutrients.


Tip 4: Be mindful of alcohol consumption!!! #Avoidoverindulgence



This is a tricky subject because I don’t know how people personally feel about the topic of alcohol. For me personally, summer doesn’t feel like summer without a cold one. The relaxation of kicking back a nice brewski on a hot summer day with family and friends, just feels right.


I would never say don’t do it. Just be mindful of it and be wary of over consuming. Alcohol is a diuretic and depletes nutrients very quickly. In conjunction with the heat we can get dehydrated very quickly. As a result we can feel hungry and feel the effects alcohol, very quickly.


An action we can take here is to drink a cup of water every time we have a drink. By doing this, we are staying hydrated and not confusing hunger with dehydration. Our bodies have a funny way of confusing the two.


So there you have it. 4 Tips to get you through this summer and keep your nutrition goals in check. The idea here is to adapt and adopt some of or all of these practices to help you continue on your personal journey. If you over do it at a party, don’t sweat it. Have the fun you want, just be aware and ask “what do I need to do the next time to ensure a positive outcome and maintain the goals I want.”


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