Positive Attitude Prospers

Having two kids can be amazing; it can fill your heart with love and joy. It can also be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed them, take care of them when they are sick, or letting  them crawl into your bed because they had a nightmare. Getting that good night’s sleep is harder than hitting the lottery, it seems. To make things worse you don’t even have any time to yourself during the day, you are busy making them food, getting them dressed, and don’t forget all the other adult things such as work you need to.


With all this, getting a workout in is the last thing on your mind and is next to impossible. I know this, because we have all been there.


This stunning mans name is Mark. Mark has been working out at Core Principles for almost 3 years now. But things have changed for him since when he started here, he now has two young boys and a home he is extremely proud of.


Side note: last month Mark got in 3 workouts in 1 week for the first time since his son was born! Huge accomplishment man!


The biggest accomplishment Mark has when he gets himself here at 6am to workout is he always feels better when he leaves. No matter what happened during his workout he always leaves with a smile on his face, full of energy, and looking forward to his next workout.


For this we applaud you Mark.  Keep up the great work!


-Coach Pat

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