Should You Exercise While Sick?

Spring is almost here which means warm weather, outdoor activities, sunshine and so many other things to be happy about.


Before we get to the real warm weather we go through this weird period of ups and downs in the temperature. With that often comes allergies, colds, and not feeling too great.


I would know because as I write this I am feeling all congested and can’t stop sneezing.


This little cold I have inspired me to write a blog about what to do in terms of exercise if you are not feeling great.
You may wonder what should you do when you’re sick. Should you push through it and do the same workout you were planning on doing? Should you take it easy and do something less intense? Or should you skip it all together and just take rest?
The answer to this, like many other questions, is it depends.
Today I want to share a few tips that will help you make a decision and figure out what to do.
Above anything else, if you see a doctor for your symptoms and your doctor gives you recommendations regarding exercise listen to them not me! I am not a doctor and am not giving any recommendations to “treat” your symptoms.
What are your symptoms?
The first step to determine if a little exercise would be okay for you is to think what are your symptoms?
If your symptoms include a sore throat, coughing, runny nose, or congestion a little exercise should be okay.
If your symptoms include muscle or joint pain, headache, fever, diarrhea or vomiting I would recommend not exercising getting your rest and drinking plenty of fluids.
Keep an eye on your symptoms and if they seem to get worse as you exercise it may be best to just give your body some rest.
What type of exercise should I do?
With the onset of your symptoms, I would recommend doing low-intensity exercise and see how your body feels. Start with something simple such as a light walk, bike ride, mobility work, or even just breathing in different positions.
You should try to avoid any high-intensity cardio and any heavy lifting that increases your heart rate too much.
As your symptoms start to get better slowly increase the intensity you are working at. Don’t make a big jump that causes things to flare up again.
Just like everything we talk about the decision is ultimately up to you. If you are not feeling great and just want to give your body rest, by all means, go for it. Listen to your body, you know it best, don’t do anything if it causes your symptoms to get worse.
-Coach Pat

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