Summer Time Sunshine

With summertime here everyone is looking to get out side and catch some rays. Sometimes that means it’s harder to make it to the gym.


What that doesn’t mean is that you need to stop exercising completely, take a few minutes here and there to get in your exercise. You don’t need all of this fancy equipment and machines to get in some good work, get a sweat in, and burn some calories.


To make things super simple for you we created an easy workout you can do anywhere all you need is yourself!


The goal here is to work for 15-30 minutes and get in as many rounds as possible.


However, only have 10 minutes? Cool get 10 minutes in.


Are you feeling good and want to go for 45? Sweet that’s awesome to.


Just get in whatever you can.


The workout is called Summer Time Sunshine it consists of 4 different exercises. You will notice there are two options for each exercise, one a little harder one a little bit easier. You chose what is appropriate for you and can switch them up as you want.


Pick one from each Section:


Exercise A: Baby Crawl or Bear Crawl x 20 Steps


Baby Crawl: Start in an all 4s position with your shoulder over your wrists, and knees over your hips. Move opposite arm and leg in small choppy steps just like a baby would crawl.


Bear Crawl: Start in that same all 4s position but actively push trough the ground and lift your knees just about an inch of the ground. Keeping you knees of the ground moving opposite arm and leg take small choppy steps.


Exercise B: Down Dog or Inchworm x 10


Down Dog: Start in a push up position, actively push through the ground and you shoot your hips high for the sky and heels down to the ground. Modify by using a box or something to elevate your hands


Inchworm: Start in a push up position, walk your feet in as you shoot your hips high for the sky. From there walk your hands out back to a push up position. Modify by elevating your hands and just walking your feet back and fourth.


Exercise C: Lateral Shuffle or Carioca


Lateral Shuffle: Start in an athletic stance with your feet about shoulder width apart, and a little bend in your knees and hips. Shuffle to one side keeping your toes pointed forward and not letting your feet cross over.


Carioca: Start in an athletic stance, cross one foot in front of the other then one foot behind as you move side to side.


Exercise D: Jog or Sprint


Jog: Take a nice little jog.


Sprint: Run as fast as you can!




PS. If want a bite size program to get you started (4 weeks) we have our SuperYou this Summer Program beginning July 9.  All you have to do is show up, we will use all of our skills to coach you, provide 4 week of meal templates, and make sure you feel all the love, support and accountability of our community. Click HERE to sign up now!

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