Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

One thing we always focus on at Core Principles is a sense of a COMMUNITY.


We pride ourselves on making our studio feel homey and having our members and coaches support each other in a common goal – to get fit and improve our health!


Why do we feel this is important to our clients and us? Because we KNOW that two heads are better than one, and teamwork increases personal accountability, encourages creativity and collaboration and makes us all feel supported when trying to meet our objectives.


By having conversations with our clients in the last few weeks, observing member interactions and supporting others through coaching I realized that having a TEAM behind you is really imperative to being successful at achieving better health.


Last week, in a semi-private slot I was talking to a client who was telling me that she and her husband started the CP nutrition program together. In order to be more mindful with food and slow down their eating, they decided to use a method in which they use their left hand while consuming their meals, even though they’re both right-handed. Despite feeling clumsy while holding their forks, the technique really worked for the couple, and they were able to slow down consumption time, and enjoy a few laughs while having dinner! The key is that they were able to work on it together, which made the task a little easier and more fun.


When I think of teamwork and success I always think back to the days Michael Jordan played on the Bulls. Even though he was a spectacular basketball player, MJ wouldn’t have been able to score close to 70 pts a game without his entourage consisting of Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the rest of the gang. The reason Michael was so successful is because his teammates HELPED him make that possible, leading the Bulls to win 6 NBA championships together.


(Our Women’s group class here at CP is all about teamwork!)
So how does teamwork tie in to health, fitness and overall wellbeing?
For starters, if we know that having support leads to more success and we’re trying to attain a goal that is important to us, we can choose to utilize the community and resources available to us here at CP and work together to get the results that we want!
How do we do it??
It can be as easy as scheduling some time to talk to your coach and letting them know what you want to work on… Talking to another gym member and getting their perspective on how to be more consistent about exercising… Joining our group training class if working out alone isn’t your thing… Finding an accountability buddy in or outside of the gym to perform cardio on your off-days… Checking in with your coach while you’re away on business to help stay accountable with your nutrition or exercise regime… Anything that you think that can help you meet your goals, drive results, and make you stay on track!
After all we all want the same thing – and that is to change our life for the better! So next time you set a goal, or need help with something you’re working on, don’t hesitate to reach out to your coach and lean on your team and community for support!
To find out more about Core Principles, our Accountability programs or help with exercise and nutrition please shoot as a message to
Coach Jojo

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