The Holy Grail of Nutrition

Whether we believe it or not our life is built around habits. Some that we are aware of, some that we are not so aware of.


Think about your morning routine. You probably wake up around the same time, do the same thing first when you step out of bed, have your morning bathroom routine down to a tee and walk out the door without barely even thinking. In some instances habits like these can be helpful. It’s a process followed by behaviors that we repeat day after day so we don’t miss a beat




In some instances habits can be bad thing. Often time’s nutritional and eating habits are not so great and we don’t even realize it.


Before I get into the nutritional habit I want to tell you a little story.


If you didn’t know already I have an older brother and an older sister, Tim and Mariah. One day, when I was in 8th or 9th grade,  Mariah was going out to eat with one of her friends. My mom had no food at home for me, so being the nice sister that she is she offered to get me food. I’m waiting and waiting then she finally comes back home, but unfortunately she forgot my food. All I had to eat was some leftovers but I was still hungry.


Fortunately for me Mariah was going back out at night and offered to stop at a 24-hour deli to bring me food again. Waiting and waiting I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Next thing I know she is home with my sandwich so I wake up (barely) walk over to the table and start eating. Here comes the good part, I somehow managed to fall asleep while eating and shove my sandwich in my mouth within like two minutes.


Now you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with anything. Remember those habits I was talking about that we do without thinking. Eating too fast is one of them (mine). Often people are so checked out when they are eating they don’t slow down to think. Some may even do it sleeping, which to be honest with you I think is kind of cool, and I am a little bit proud of.


In all seriousness, I know one of the nutritional habits I need to work on is eating slowly. I truly believe this is one of the holy grails of nutrition. If nothing else always focus on eating slowly.


So how do you focus on eating slowly? Seems simple right? However, if eating fast is one of those unconscious habits of yours it may take some thinking.


Here are 3 great tips for eating slowly:


We have all been guiltily of this, myself included. We get some food together only to plop down in front of the couch throw on the newest episode of This Is Us.


When this happens we don’t focus on what we’re eating, how were eating and sucked into the show. This is a problem because it takes our attention away from eating and eating slowly, before we know if our whole plate is gone. Next time try sitting down at the table with nothing on, whether you’re eating alone or with your family, try to eliminate those pesky distractions. Instead focus truly on the food, what do you taste? What do you feel? What do you smell? Asking yourself these questions will help you slow down and think.




Do you find yourself taking another bite before you have even finished your previous bite? Not only is that dangerous and could lead to choking, but it may also lead to overeating. It takes a little time for your brain to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full. The faster you eat, the more you may overeat. If you find yourself doing this try putting the fork down after each bite and take a few breaths. Are you eating with someone? After each bite put the fork down and ask a question. This will lead to slowing down and having more conversation




Are you terrible at using chopsticks? If so, great, try using them to eat next time and it will force you to slow down. Now eating won’t be such an unconscious task and it will force you to think. Are you eating a sandwich? Maybe cut up that sandwich into small bites so your not eating the whole thing in four bites.




Although eating slowly may seem so simple many people miss the boat on this one. Eating slowly will help regulate the volume of food you eat which will help you reach your goals. As always focus on one of those three tips and nail it before adding on another habit.


-Coach Pat

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