The Ladies of Core Principles

Today we want to give a shout out to the ladies who train here at Core Principles. They are coming in week after week attending our group and semi-private personal training sessions and killing it! Despite their busy schedules filled with family obligations, kids’ birthdays, work, and social engagements, these gals carve out a little bit of time every week to come to our studio, take care of their health and make some room for fitness.


Let’s face it…women have a lot on their plates these days! From numerous hours we spend at work, to coming home and taking care of our families, hectic schedules, often times it’s a challenge to make some time for ourselves and focus on self-improvement. But with the right mindset, support and dedication we CAN make a commitment to our health and us! Once we buckle down and do it, we find that there are countless benefits we reap as a result.


Many of the ladies we work with have not always been regular exercisers, and due to many competing priorities lacked the consistency. Some of them started working out in order to get healthier i.e. lower their blood pressure, get rid of back pain, or due to some other health reasons. Others, just wanted to feel vibrant and confident again, maybe fit into their old, favorite pair of jeans or feel good in a two-piece! Their common goal was to better themselves by making time to fulfill their wishes and desires. By coming to Core Principles these ladies were able to find time to focus on themselves and forget about all the other commitments and pressures of the world. Moreover, through joining our community, these women developed relationships and bonds with other Super-Moms, Super-Wives, and Super-Biz-Execs who are just like them and deal with similar life demands and stresses on a day-to-day basis. Talk about a camaraderie!
Joanna and the CP Crew

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