The One Simple Question To Help You Get Maximal Results While Staying Safe

We all know the gym is a place where we need to challenge ourselves both mentally and physically.


Not to the point where we hurt ourselves either mentally of physically though.


In order to see change we must step out of our comfort zone. If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone that is completely cool it just may take longer to see any change.


Today I want to tell you a story about a client who is always ready to step out of her comfort zone and is up for a challenge.


When I first met Erin at her strategy session I could tell she was special. She started to tell us how she grew up in a military family, she said she would move constantly and is extremely disciplined.


Just like everyone Erin came in with a few aches and pains that she was dealing with but does not let them slow her down at all.
Erin is a nurse at a local hospital, does a lot of volunteer work for different charities and is an overall amazing human being.
Part of our job as coaches is to help people unleash the strength they have deep inside. Some people need a little extra push and motivation than others.
Erin knows the importance of proper form but she also knows the importance of increasing the weight as appropriate.
It usually goes something like “Yeah why not. What is the worst that happens?”
I think this is such a great attitude.
Sometimes you just have to give it a shot and go for it. With that being said we always still want to keep ourselves safe at all times.
A good question I would like people to ask themselves more when trying to decide if they should increase the weight is, “Am I still going to be safe?”
If the answer is yes and the worst thing that happens is you can only do a few reps with that weight before you have to safely put it down cool you should probably give it a shot.
The gym is a place where you will need to step out of your comfort zone at times and be a little uncomfortable.
Finding the difference between uncomfortable and unsafe will help launch your results into overdrive while still keeping you feeling amazing and pain free.
Erin is a prime example of how to step out of your comfort zone.
Next time you find yourself contemplating going up in weight just remember this one simple question “Will I be unsafe or just challenged?”
-Coach Pat

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