The Power Of Showing Up

Today we are going to talk about the one thing that is most important to help you reach your goals. The one thing that without a doubt really matters. No it’s not some fancy exercise you see on YouTube, or an overpriced supplement that’s supposed to work like magic. It is much simpler than that. It’s CONSISTENCY!


To give you an example let’s talk about it through the eyes of a client.


The client we are talking about today is a wonderful man named Neil. Neil is a hard working 65 year old man who has been coming to Core Principles since July. Like many people Neil never really worked out before and had some goals of losing weight and just wanting to feel better overall. Recently Neil made a slight change to his workout routine that has made a huge impact.


Neil simply went from coming to workout in the evenings after work to coming in the mornings because of his work schedule. He has consistently shown up three times a week for over a month. Not only does Neil show up consistently, but also when he is here he is focused on his training and puts in the mental effort.


Do you remember back in high school or college when you had a big test and minutes before the test kids would be studying their notes outside the classroom trying to look over everything? That is what Neil looks like before his workout, he shows up about 15 minutes early with his coffee in hand, positive attitude, and takes a look at his program for the day. This isawesome!


Neil has said that he enjoys the mornings so much now that he is going to stick to it even when his work schedule changes. He said he feels much better throughout the day, his back doesn’t bother him during meetings, and that he can focus better on his workout in the mornings.  Neil went from performing band swings to deadlifting a 26KG Kettlebell easily in a few weeks because he consistently showed up and put in the effort. He even said one day “It doesn’t make sense I keep going up in weight for the deadlift but it still feels easy” that’s what happens when you work hard and get stronger!


Hopefully this story will prove to you that there is no one magic pill, no one fancy fat burning exercise and no “best” diet. The best thing is consistency and effort. A simple change in the time Neil worked out has done so much for him.


Keep crushing it everyday Neil!

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