The Real Reason Everyone Needs A Coach

Many people may think that needing a coach or needing someone to help you reach your goals is a sign of weakness.


In fact, I look at it as the exact opposite, I believe that we are all capable of reaching our goals on our own but I do firmly believe it is a whole lot easier and you have a higher chance of success when you have a strong support system behind you.


Today I want to share with you one Superstars Journey in our New Age Nutrition Club and how the help of a structured program and coach helped her lose 4lbs and an inch around her waist in just 4 weeks.


Meet Patty, the Chaos Coordinator!


She has been working out here at Core Principles since early February. Patty wanted to get strong, lose some weight, and feel confident that she can continue to do the things she loves like golf and spending quality time with her family.
Patty started out focusing just on exercise and she nailed it! We talked briefly about nutrition and she tried to do it on her own. Now Patty didn’t fail but it was much harder for her to consistency for her nutrition to improve without a structured program and someone checking in on her.
Patty knew she really wanted to get the results she has dreamed of so she decided to join our New Age Nutrition Program at the beginning of July.
Recently Patty and I sat down at the halfway point of our New Age Nutrition club to go over a few things.
As we sat down to log at her food logs before I even said anything Patty pointed out a few things that I also noticed and came up with a game plan for her to improve on a few things. Again she did most of this without me even saying anything.
You may be asking yourself “Well if Patty could figure these things out on her own why does she need a coach?”
Chances are Patty would not have sat down and look through her food logs or even wrote in her food logs alone. This is nothing against Patty, I doubt most people would and I know I wouldn’t.
Having a coach is about having a guide there to help you stay on track, to help support you, give you ideas on things to improve, and be there when life gets tough and you are ready to give up.
-Coach Pat

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