They Graduated, Now it’s your turn

Last week we graduated all of our members in the most recent round of The Healthy Eating Skills Academy! So proud!


I thought you should know what 1 on 1 nutrition coaching with me looks like and who it’s best suited for.


This email answers the most common questions I get.


After reading, if you’re ready to go, send me a note and let your optimism start flowing.


I can only help 3 people right now because this is not a set it and forget it program, we will talk every week and I GUARANTEE RESULTS.


“Who is Eating Skills Nutrition Coaching for?”


It’s for those who feel like they’re following all the rules but not seeing progress.


This is for you if you’ve tried 3 or more diets, feel like they let you down, and left you despite your best intentions, throwing your hands in the air disappointed.


If you want to get off the diet roller coaster and leave the “I’ll start again on Monday”  mantra so that


We need to talk.


Your primary goal must be weight loss but are not looking for a magic pill that promises 15 pounds in a month.  My clients on average lose .5 – 1 lb per week and keep it off.  No more losing and regaining the same 10 pounds time and time again.


“Who is Eating Skills Coaching not for?”


This is not for those looking for a quick fix and expecting to lose 15 pounds in a month.


This is not for someone who wants to measure and weigh their food, count calories, make major food groups off limits or drink just-juice to lose weight.


This is not for people who are unwilling to explore their relationship with food and at least consider how stress and emotion impact how they eat.


“What are the rules that I have to follow?”


No rules, we work with guidelines that help you build actual eating skills.


Do you know the way we humans get good at anything? We practice it.  Playing an instrument, a sport, woodworking, learning a new language or any other skills you can imagine.  Progress, competence and confidence come with practice. That’s how we approach eating skills.


Rigid rules may sound good; “tell me what to do and I’ll follow along.”  That’s what diets dictate.  That’s also why only about 10% of the population has success with diets.


“What will we work on?”




We make working on skills as easy as possible, but no easier.  It’s logical to think that you need to change everything at once.  You don’t need a major overhaul of your eating to see results.


That’s where most go wrong, they make major change right out of the gate and then realize it’s just not sustainable. The ship comes crashing down. Back to starting again next Monday or January 1.


This approach is flawed and pays no respect to how humans actually learn and build competency. We start with the foundational, biggest bang for your buck actions and progressively stack on top of them!


This is how we look at building eating skills:

What’s happening within meals.

What’s happening between meals. 

Breaking it into these two groups creates clarity on what we should work on.

We then determine if you’re eating when you’re not actually hungry (aka snacking to satisfy boredom, tiredness, procrastination, stress, or any other emotion.)

Next, we’ll build some skills around learning to stop when you’re actually satisfied instead of blowing right through your satisfaction cues.


Ultimately in a highly personalized way, you will build the skills allowing you to:

Eat 3 – 4 meals and mostly avoid snacking between

Distinguish hunger from cravings or other feelings

Plate balanced meals

Eat mostly whole foods

It is not realistic, practical or necessary to practice all 21 meals to get good at any of these.

Like the “naturally thin,” you’ll learn how to stop overeating by reconnecting to your physical hunger and fullness cues. This means you’ll be able to lose weight anytime, anywhere.

“Is there a minimum time commitment?”

Yes. A minimum 3-month commitment is required. If we’re talking about making lasting change we need time to practice and apply the skills to the life situations that arise for all of this. If 30 day fixes worked you wouldn’t be here reading this.

“Is there a guarantee?”



I’m here to help,



PS. Not ready for 1 on 1 coaching, be on the lookout for the next round of our group program: The Healthy Eating Skills Academy


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