This One Thing Ruins Weight Loss

Have you ever tried to lose weight? I know, kind of a foolish question. We have all tried a boatload of different things.


We have identified one thing that when changed leads to significant weight loss for our clients.


If you snack regularly between meals you’re probably eating when you’re not hungry making it super hard to lose weight.

Now, no shame if you snack. This isn’t me telling you what to do.  The world around directly and indirectly tells us to snack. The snack overlords have an agenda, it’s just probably not in line with yours.
Why is snacking so detrimental to losing weight?  I’m so glad you asked.
You may have heard that 5 or more small meals a day ignites your metabolism. In 20 years of research, they can’t find any evidence of small meals stoking human metabolism.
Many people think if they eat full meals they will end up heavier. What really happens is people end up perpetually fending off hunger by having small meals and a bunch of snacks.  They never get truly satisfied.
Satisfaction is the key to weight loss.
 I’d go back and read that again.
Most people who snack never take those snacks into consideration when they eat meals. Meaning, meals are the same size if they snack or don’t snack.
If you were satisfied and nourished by the 3-4 meals you eat then snacks are just extra fuel, something you don’t really need.
We had a client just last week in our Healthy Eating Skills Academy remark. “I cut out my snacks, but my meals are much bigger and I’m still losing weigh
That’s right, we see it all the time. 
Clients eliminate snacks, they increase the size of their meals, even as much as 20% and still lose weight.
There’s no magic here, they’re just eating less than they were when snacks were part of their daily routine.
The more opportunities we have to eat meals and snacks the greater the chance that we overeat.  The more frequently someone eats the higher their total intake!
Clients learn quickly that when we eliminate snacks we don’t need to be so concerned about what we eat. Not need to cut out carbs, no need to weigh and measure food, no points to count, and certainly magic pills.
I know I may sound like I’m oversimplifying, some people to struggle to eliminate snacks, but when we work with a client on this skill we slowly progress it and scale it to their life.
Many people will take this guideline of not snacking and make it a rule. Don’t do that. I’m not saying you should never snack. If you’re truly hungry you should eat.
But, if hunger isn’t the issue food is not the solution.
Do most people snack for some reason other than being hungry?
They may be: among a host of other emotions.
If you would like to learn more about how to break up with snacks and achieve weight loss that lasts without the guilt, frustration, and stress of traditional diets tell me. I would be thrilled to talk about it with you.
Former leader of the snack pack,


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