To Booze or Not To Booze: How to Curb Your Alcohol Intake and Prevent Weight Gain

Often times clients reveal that during busy social periods i.e. birthdays, work events, holidays etc. they tend to increase their alcohol intake, feeling that it negatively impacts the progress they’ve made at their weight loss attempts and getting in shape. Though alcohol consumption is a normal part of the social routine, if you’re a ‘social butterfly’ and your schedule is filled with various events often, it is very easy to have one (two or three!) too many cocktails and diminish those weight loss results by packing on pounds from the empty calories of booze.


If that’s happened to you, it’s okay! We’ve all been there! The important part is to become aware of it and come up with a strategy that will help you stay on track with your progress and reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages you’re consuming.


But before we get into all that…


Let’s examine the effects alcohol has on your body when it pertains to weight loss:


Here are some tips to follow that can help you set boundaries, limit alcohol consumption, and keep you on track with your health, fitness and dietary plan:


For more tips or if you are interested in setting up a strategy to help you kick a bad habit, talk to one of the coaches at Core Principles or email

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