Weekly Highlights 2.19.17

Valentines week was filled with love here at C.P.


Check out this amazing week.


Mrs Stephanie celebrated her b-day. She’s so wise for 25! Happy Birthday Steph.


She and the rest of the crew from KPMG are in their crazy busy season with tons of long days. They are still making time to get here and take care of themselves though. We know how hard that can be. Way to go.

Here was our Valentines wish to you!
The February Assault Bike Challenge is really on fire now. Some friendly competition has upped the ante and we have some hot times.
The ladies are really crushing it. Keep those times coming.
Haylin set a new personal best but had to lay on the floor for over 20 minutes afterward to recover.


Mr. Seth left here Tuesday morning feeling great after nailing his workout and headed home ready to take on a long business trip. Unfortunately, he slipped on some serious ice in his driveway, feel back on his head and had to take a trip to the emergency room instead for 15 staples in his head. Fortunately, he was otherwise okay.
After all that he made it in Friday to get a training session in, impressive!
Siobhan finished up her week and said why not do a buttery smooth dead lift with the 48 kg kettlebell with a thick band attached to it. When your a powerful woman, why not!
Jennifer & Alok finished off this great week on Saturday a.m. as part of our group class.
See you all soon!

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