Weekly Highlights 4.23.17

Summer is right around the corner!


You are all looking good.


Ya’ll crushed it this week!


Saturday group class is the bomb. The progress you are making is remarkable!


Join us!

Nikhil is fresh off a cruise with his family, he didn’t miss a beat.
A quick ride on the Assault Bike got him right back into it.
A few short weeks ago he was doing push ups on a box and now this.
While still shedding a few tears that ski season is over, Charlie dried his eyes by putting together some buttery smooth dead lifts. His heaviest to date!
Speaking of buttery smooth. Kyra cranked out bad ass Turkish Get up with a heavy kettlebell.
I bet many of you make this same face when you eat peas.
Good news, if you are not a big fan of veggies we posted a helpful infographic on our FB page that show some creative ways to prepare and cook them so you can love them and get all of the powerful benefits they provide. Check it out here.
Keep the greatness coming!

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