What Does Consistency Look Like?



We talk about, we write about it, we implore you to be it. But what does consistency look like? Today, I want to talk about 3 clients who model consistency over every workout, and for the long haul.


Meet Margaret, Alex, and Karen O. who are all members of Core Principles and have been with us for different lengths of time.


Margaret B. Total workouts = 231


This is her why for coming to the gym.


Margaret’s frequency and gym usage runs with her activities season. For example, when she is not in hiking or in ski season, she tries to get to the gym 3 sometimes 4 days out of the week. This is in an effort to keep herself active and healthy for her upcoming outdoor activities.


Alex C. Total workouts = 349 visits


Alex has consistently showed up the last 3 years accumulating a total of 349 visits. He has gotten crazy strong, learned some cool skills, and continues to practice and get better at each one. Among those things Alex deadlifts over 250 pounds, can jump to the 36 inch=3 foot box, and can do super strict pull-ups with ease. Alex, with all his built skills and strength gets to practice and perform a variety of exercises that most would classify as “Friggen Cool” .


Karen O. total workouts = 47 visits


Now, while this may not seem like much, she has barely missed a workout and the only time she did, was because of an emergency situation. In fact, she made up those visits post emergency to keep herself accountable and moving in the right direction.


Karen shows up every time at 6 in the morning to put in a great effort. Without question she starts her workouts with a great attitude and willingness to get better. The other day, we approached a movement that seemed foreign to her. With distinct listening and specific question asking, we dialed in the movement and nailed each rep. With her finishing up and saying “ I definitely felt that”.


These people are just like you. They represent the best of what it means to be a human being. Instead of wishing and hoping for the change they want, they are going after it and employing the help of Core Principles. There was no monumental magic pill or episodic revelation these people had when it came to results. Rather, they made the time, are putting in the work, and staying as consistent as they possibly can. You can do this too with the right help.


If you have any questions or just want to chat about fitness/gym goals, feel free to contact us at or hit us up on Facebook Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.

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